Open Mic stand-up on March 15

As Chris said... "people who goes on stage to entertain others have bigger balls, even the ladies, than others"
Great event, thanks!
Colour pictures by Andras and B&W by Patrik Osterblad

Thanks for popping by on Poppels!

It was good to see you at our Poppels Brewery event! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Have a seat.. it's stand-up!

Another great Friday evening with lots of laughs when Crossfire hosted the regular Open-Mic event under the supervision of the lovely entertaining host, Jess Bauldry.

It's amazing what a lot of talent there is out there in Luxembourg!

Why not try it out yourself. Sign up for the next event on Feb 16th! I will be there!

Great Crayfish Party!

Last Saturday the annual Crayfish party in classical Swedish Spirit took place with 37 party and food hungry guest eating 30 kilos of Crayfish and its accessories like Snaps, Knäckebröd, Beer, ......